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Yellowstone Park is the home of a unique variety of wildlife (bears, wolves, bufallo, elk...) but it is mainly famous for the world's most extraordinary set of geysers and hot springs (in Old Faithful, Wyoming) and its scenic views. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, also in Wyoming, is also part of this amazing Park.

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Map of Yellowstone



Old Faithful, the most outstanding geyser set in the world, should never be missed.

Also outstanding, and with magnificent and unique sceneries, is the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

To view bears and wolves, elk and buffalo visit the Lamar and Hayden valleys. 

The park offers also a wide range of opportunities on hiking, camping and fishing. Local ranger-led tours in the park are very popular.

Note: the park headquarters is located near the north entrance, in Mammoth Hot Springs.

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The most popular season - and the most crowded - is surely summer: Yellowstone has moderate summers but temperatures may vary abruptly. 

Spring is particularly unpredictable: you can get mild temperatures and sunshine but also massive rain and even snow. In general, early fall is a much better season to visit Yellowstone (crowds are also much smaller) though you should be prepared for sudden changes in temperature and storms in any time of the year.


Many roads are closed from November to mid May, which is a powerful indication of the weather conditions in this period. Yellowstone has cold and harsh winters. 

However, winter also provides a very special and alien-like appearance to the park, with frozen waterfalls, geysers driving plumes of steam and hot water into the cold and snow. Winter visits to Yellowstone have been increasing in the last decades.

For details on weather temperatures, rain and snow, see the Weather Map below.

Yellowstone Weather Map


Jackson Hole Airport  in the south of Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone Regional Airport are the big air gateways to Yellowstone.

You can look for accommodation either in the park or in Jackson and Cody (in Wyoming), or also in the peripheral towns near the several park entrances in other neighboring states: Gardiner, Cooke City, West Yellowstone... 




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