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Wyoming evokes the old American West, which thrives to this day in cities and places like Cody, in central Wyoming, not far from Yellowstone east entrance, or in Cheyenne, capital of Wyoming, with events and museums evoking Frontier Days.

But Wyoming is much more than the evocation of the old west. Yellowstone Park offers a rather special beauty and is, by far, the biggest tourist attraction in Wyoming. 

Jackson Hole is another great place to head. Its main ski area is close to Grand Teton National Park south a magnificent area tailored by the Snake River at the bottom of the Teton mountains.

In the Northeast, for those who love outdoors, fishing and hunting , the Black Hills National Forest and the Bighorn Canyon National would also be major destinations (Devils Tower National Monument is in this region too, in the upper northeast corner of Wyoming).

Map of WYOMING State:

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Wyoming weather is very changeable and spring is particularly unpredictable. You can get mild temperatures and sunshine but also massive precipitation. Early fall is usually a much better season: weather is much more stable and the crowds in the main tourist destinations (like Yellowstone) much smaller.  

The best season to visit ends up depending mostly on your interests and the type of destination and vacation you want. 

If you intend to visit Yellowstone or to privilege sightseeing, fishing and other outdoors, then June through September is the best period (summer is definitely the most popular season and the most crowded).

If you want to visit Wyoming ski resorts, the best time to go to Wyoming is from late October to late March.

See, for details on Yellowstone weather: Yellowstone Weather Map


Summer is the most popular period but it is also the most crowded one, while Winter can be harsh. If you aren't interested in skiing, winter isn't good time (between November and April Yellowstone is partially closed, though the winter does give a very particular and special beauty to the park).


Jackson has the most important airport (Jackson Hole Airport) in Wyoming (it's a gateway to Jackson Hole sky resorts and also to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone). Cheyenne - the state capital - has the other top state airport. The other top air gateway to Yellowstone and the northwest of Wyoming is the Yellowstone Regional Airport.

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