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Ohio main travel destinations are the three "C cities" - Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati - and also Sandusky and the Lake Eire Islands, a recently revitilized shore region, attracting more than seven million people a year.

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If you mostly want to visit Ohio's outdoor spots or the Erie Islands, then Fall, late Spring and Summer (if you don't mind some hotter days and possible heat waves) are the best times. These periods are the most popular seasons in Ohio.

Ohio's winters are severe, with occasional snowstorms and intense rainfalls. Lake Erie influence turns the climate a bit less harsh but snowstorms and ice storms aren't unexpected in months like December, January and February. 

If you mainly want to enjoy indoor activities (such as the all year round water and theme parks in Sandusky, or museums and other indoor activities in the "C cities") and benefit from lower accommodation rates and fewer crowds, then the best time to visit Ohio would be Winter, early Spring or late Fall.

If you want to privilege the weather, Autumn is the best time to visit Ohio, not just because of the Fall's foliage. Autumns brings with it very agreeable and warm temperatures and very nice days. In contrast, early and mid Spring are often cloudy, chilly, and rainy.


Do not go to Ohio in the Winter and the early Spring if you dislike severe weather, snow and heavy precipitation.

Avoid July and August if you mainly want to enjoy Ohio's indoor activities and want cheap accommodation and fewer crowds.

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Lodging in Sandusky and Lake Erie Islands tends to be expensive, so you should book your hotel rooms well ahead.In Cleveland, Cincinnati or Columbus, lodging is cheaper and easy to book.

Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and Port Columbus International Airport are the main Ohio's airports.  

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