Massachusetts offers history (Boston, Salem...), culture, seafood, nightlife, entertainment (Boston), sports, cultural attractions (Cambridge University) and magnificent beaches and sea life and sports (Cape Cod and its most popular attraction, Provincetown).

As to the Massachusetts weather, expect some very warm days during the summer and cold, snowy winters. Weather can be brutal, in Massachusets, and you should take it into account. It can ruin your visit.


Boston, Cape Cod and the Islands are the top tourist attractions in the Massachusetts State. But we should not forget other attractions around Boston, such as the historic Salem or Marblehead, or Lexington and Concord. And also the south shore , with places such as Plymouth and New Bedford, or the Central and Western Massachusetts - Worcester and Springfield, Anherst, the Berkshires.

See map below, with the major travel destinations in Massachusetts:

Massachusetts Map

Massachusetts Map


The weather in Massachusetts is very similar to that of New York - just slightly colder in the Winter (and fresher, in the Summer) and with a greater number of days with snow (around 42 days in Boston and 29 days in New York).

Massachusetts weather is very changeable, with moderate precipitation all over the year, and a few hot and high-humidity days in the summer.

Snow comes in the December-March period, but rain is not confined to the winter and mid-seasons. It rains all year long (more than 9 days per month, average, in Boston).

From a purely weather standpoint the best time of the year to visit Massachusetts is Spring - April, May, June – or late-summer and early-fall – September, October.

But… on the other hand, Boston - and Massachusets - is an all year-round destination, with indoor attractions for many tastes. And there are other features that should also be considered, especially involving huge crowds in the summer weekends, in the most popular attractions.

For a monthly analysis, with the best times and what to visit in Boston and Cape Cod, see: Best time to visit Boston and Cape Cod.


Massachusetts heavy precipitation, brutal winters and coastal weather?can make visits unpleasant. They may not be a reason to ruin your trip, if you are planning indoor entertainment, nightlife or other indoor activities. But have it into account, if your planning to visit Massachusetts in the winter.

High humidity may also make visits to Boston or inland attractions uncomfortable to the traveler, in July and August.

The period that goes from late May to August is especially crowded in the beaches around Boston. Places like Cape Cod and the seashore are immensely packed in the summer weekends, with roads circled by a procession of vehicles, and people searching for a bit of beach and a place to park the car. Avoid weekends in these months.

Boston, Massachusetts -  Weather Map

Boston Massachusetts Weather Map

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