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The Island of Maui presents a large set of options to travellers: beach life and surfing, as expected, but also diving, snorkelling, sailing, cycling and whale watching.

Downhill cycle rides are a unique opportunity in Maui. A van will take you to the top of Haleakala, where you can begin a downhill cycle ride of 40 miles towards the sea, surrounded by exceptionally beautiful sceneries. And without even pedalling once…

Whale watching is another exclusive opportunity offered by this island, if you go during the January to March period. Humpback whales can be seen from the shore, but there are whale-watching trips to see them much closer. 

Maui is an extremely beautiful island (only Kauai offers even more compelling inland and coastal sceneries), and it's less crowded than Oahu.

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The Maui Island is an all-year round destination with constant temperatures averaging around 70ºF-85ºF (21-29ºC), but closer to the coast temperatures can reach higher levels and be a cause of discomfort.

The solution? Escaping to a cooler place: choose, for instance, the Upcountry Maui, on the slopes of the Haleakala volcano. The region is full of marvellous fresh ravines and waterfalls. 

Rainfalls are heaviest from December to March, but they do not disturb the resorts of the island significantly (located on the drier parts of the island). 

For details, see Maui Kahuli weather map below:

Hawaii Maui Weather Map

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