Best Time to visit Arizona

Located east of California and north of the Mexican border, Arizona is the big icon of the wild west and the American cowboy, immortalized in towns such as Tombstone. Though Arizona is most famous for the Grand Canyon, the state presents other great travel destinations: namely in the Indian Country and its big southern cities (like Tucson and the nearby Saguaro Park).

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Grand Canyon
Flagstaff, 120 miles southeast of the Grand CanyonSedona and Red Rock Country
Indian Country: the land of the Navajos, but also of the Hopi people and Apaches
Tombstone, in the southeast corner of the state, an icon of the old west town, immortalized by dozens of films. 
Phoenix: the state capital and an immense metropolis
Tucson, an attractive city and an excellent hub to the Saguaro National Park or to the nearby Mexico. 

Map of the Arizona State

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Autumn is perhaps the best time to travel to Arizona, but Spring - time of the many local festivals - is also a good choice.

The best time to visit Arizona's south (Phoenix, Tucson, Tombstone) is from September through April.

If you intend to visit the Grand Canyon, Spring and Fall are also the best times (early Spring and late Fall are the best for those who want to avoid crowds).

Arizona's winters tend to be mild and sunny, with few cold days. Winter is a popular travel season.


Avoid Summer in the south, in places like Phoenix. It's extremely hot. Summer is humid and hot in most Arizonian cities and in the desert areas.

If you want to avoid crowds in the Grand Canyon south rim, avoid the Summer, and the weekends and the times when schools aren't closed. If you want to go to the Grand Canyon during the summer, do it during the week and avoid weekends. 

Remember that The Grand Canyon north rimfacilities are closed between mid October till May.

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