Best Time to Visit Massachusetts

Massachusetts offers history (Boston, Salem...), culture, seafood, nightlife, entertainment (Boston), sports and many cultural activities (Boston, we should remember is home of the Cambridge University), and magnificent beaches and sea life and sports in Cape Cod and its most outstanding jewell, Provincetown...

Best time to visit Massachusetts
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Massachusetts's Map
Best time to visit Boston
Best time to visit Cape Cod and Provincetown


Boston, Cape Cod and the Islands are the top tourist attractions in the Massachusetts State. Provincetown, in Cape Cod is, with Boston, the travel jewel of Massachusetts. 

But we should also remember small towns not very far from Boston, such as the historic Salem or Marblehead, or Lexington and Concord. Or the south shore, with places like Plymouth and New Bedford, or the Central and Western Massachusetts, with Worcester and Springfield, or Anherst and the Berkshires.

See map below, with the main travel destinations in Massachusetts:

Massachusetts Map

Massachusetts Map

Explore the map below for more details:


Massachusetts' weather isn't very different from the New York's weather: it's a little colder (or fresher) in the Summer and it snows for longer in the winter (around 42 days in Boston and 29 days in New York).

But in the whole it's very similar: very changeable, with moderate precipitation all over the year, and some heat waves in the summer and cool days in the winter and even in the early spring. Snow is concentrated in the December-March, period but not precipitation: it rains all year long (more than 9 days per month, average, in Boston).

If we only consider the weather issue, then the best time to visit Massachusetts is undoubtedly spring - April, May, June – orlate-summer and early-fall – September, October…

But… it all depends on what you value most. Boston is an all year round destination, with attractions for many tastes...


The period that goes from late May to August is particularly crowded in the beaches around Boston. Weekends are almost impossibly booked. Avoid the weekends during that period, in places like Cape Cod and seashore in general.

July and August may also present some uncomfortable days for a visit to Boston, due to high humidity and temperatures.

Low temperatures and snow may also render you visit uncomfortable, mainly if you don't want to be restricted to entertainment, nightlife or indoor activities in the city.

Boston, Massachusetts -  Weather Map

Boston Massachusetts Weather Map




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