Best Time to Visit Hawaii Kauai Island

Kauai is an island of truly unique and incredible landscapes. You're likely to have seen some of them in movies such as Jurassic Park. La Pali coast, in Kauai, is familiar to many millions of people from films. And it really is an astonishing sight.

Like the Maui island, Kauai is tailor-made for those looking for active vacations. There is the possibility of beach life, with some good resorts to discover, but it's the Kauai sceneries – reached by helicopter, or through active hiking – that most attract people.

The variety of landscapes in Kauai is really unparalleled and compelling, in an island that has escaped mass tourism untill now.

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Temperatures aren't a problem in Kauai, but rainfalls are... Kauai is one of the wettest places in the world, and rainfalls are particularly heavy from September to March.

Resorts are located in the less rainy parts of the island, but you should equate the rain issue. 

See weather details in the Kauai Lihue weather map below:

Hawaii Kauai Weather Map

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